We have a good database of most of the leading scheduled/diverted air freighters to get an easy booking. Apart from the scheduled flights we can also arrange charter flights up to 84 horses per flight.When we make the booking with the airline, we check to ensure that the aircraft will only transit countries permitted by the country of destination and also ensure a transit permit is in place, if required.
Horses travel in IATA recognized air stall which will carry three horses "Economy Class", two horses "Business Class" and one hose "First Class". They are accompanied by an attendant who will supervise the loading of the horses into the air stables at the airport, and of the air stable into the aircraft. During the journey the horses will be monitored by the attendant, who has extensive knowledge of traveling horses by air, and regularly given hay and water.
There are many things to consider when horses are transported from one country to another, EquiSky services include:-
  • All government requirements for Export/Import
  • Application for import, export and transit permits
  • All pre-export/post-import quarantine requirements
  • All veterinary works including blood test and vaccinations
  • Road transportation by good and disinfected trucks
  • Transfers of registration and stud book if required
  • Government veterinary inspections
  • Airfreight, Airport handling and customs clearance
  • Cross border documentations
Please note that we required plenty of time for shipping horses in order to coordinate Airfreight, Blood tests, vaccinations and quarantine procedures, so please call us immediately if you wish to ship your valuable horses anywhere in the world.
For inquiries about health requirements and quarantine bookings at any specific destination, please don't hesitate to contact us