EquiSky Logistics is based in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, dedicated to providing safe and reliable horse transportation at competitive prices. We arrange the worldwide transport for horses and other live stocks to/from various destination including North/South and Central America, Europe/UK, Middle East, Asia and Africa using premier airline services and first class IATA recognized horse containers. We are transporting all type of horses such as Show Jumping, Flat Racing, Endurance, Polo Ponies, Quarter, Falabella, Arab and Thoroubreds etc.
Our aim is to provide you with an effective, low cost stable to stable service without compromising the safety and well being of your valuable horses. Most importantly our staffs are well experienced horsemen who truly care about your horse's comfort and safety. We will use AATA/NPTC Registered & Assessed Equine Attendants who will accompanied by horses and constantly monitor the well-being of your horses during the flight. Our grooms are well trained in every aspect of horse care and they know how to deal with any situation. We take particular care to make sure horse owners are well informed throughout the shipping process and make staff members responsible for your shipment readily available.
You can rest assured that your horses will receive the best care while in the hands of EquiSky Logistics.
"Horse transportation is our passion and your satisfaction is our mission"